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Missile Defense System

Israel Boosts Air Defenses Amid War Fears

Israel has boosted its air defense in the North following a significant confrontation between the Jewish state, Syria and Iran that led to the loss of an F-16i fighter jet.

iron dome

North Korea: Japan Missile ‘Meaningful Prelude to Containing Guam’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un once again threatened American military and civilians on the island of Guam on Tuesday, describing his outrageous launch of a missile over Japan as a “meaningful prelude to containing Guam, an advanced base of invasion.”

North Korea fires 3 short-range missiles; US says tests fail Photo

Israel, U.S. Conduct Defense Test Against Thousands of Simulated Rockets

TEL AVIV – The United States and Israel successfully conducted a “milestone” exercise in which both countries’ missile defense systems were tested against a simulated attack of thousands of rockets fired from Lebanon and Iran, the Defense Ministry announced Wednesday.

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