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Teach Kids About Mohammed Cartoons, Demand European Politicians

European politicians have slammed the Danish Headmaster’s Association’s announcement to not show Mohammed cartoons in the classroom, a move a coalition of parties has denounced as censorship. The controversy began after the new Danish schools curriculum called for the 2005 Mohammed

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Turkish Writers Go On Trial for Printing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Facing up to four-and-a-half years in prison if found guilty, two Turkish newspaper commentators went on trial yesterday for illustrating columns with a cartoon of Mohammed.  Charges of “inciting public hatred” and “insulting religious values” were brought against Ceyda Karan and

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Democrats Seek to Block Geert Wilders from Texas Muhammad Art and Cartoon Exhibit

Two Democrat U.S. Representatives are seeking to block Wilders from entering the United States where he is scheduled to speak at the First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest. The event will be hosted May 3rd at the Curtis Caldwell Center, which is owned and operated by the Garland Independent School District. The exhibit is being hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). The Curtis Caldwell Center was the site of a “Honor the Prophet” rally in January. About two thousand Texans came out to protest the event.


Vote Now for Your Favorite Muhammad Cartoon!

Our American Freedom Defense Initiative’s Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest will be held on May 3 in the Dallas area to show that we will defend free speech and not give in to violent intimidation. We have received over 350 submissions of Muhammad cartoons from all over the world, and now we are throwing open the voting on the best of these to you. You and voters worldwide will choose the winner of the People’s Choice Award.


Cartoonist Lars Vilks After Copenhagen: ‘I’m Not Going to Let This Attack Scare Me’

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, host of the free-speech conference in Copenhagen that came under attack this weekend – and quite possibly the primary target of the attackers, as he spent the last eight years living under an Islamist death sentence for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed – gave an interview to France24 after the attack, in which he declared he was not intimidated by the violence.

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Influential Muslims Condemn Latest Charlie Hebdo Cover

A number of prominent imams and clerics spoke out against the newest cover of Charlie Hebdo, which shows a crying Mohammed with a sign that said “Je Suis Charlie.” Hate preacher Anjem Choudary called it an “act of war.” Lesser known self-proclaimed teachers of Islam used social media to condemn the cover. These names may not be familiar, but they have between 3,000 and 36,000 followers on Twitter. They are followed by many of the Twitter accounts that Breitbart News regularly publishes to expose the insanity of radical Islamists.