Naturalized U.S. Citizen

Peek-A-Boo Baby

Child Rapist Duped Immigration System, Got U.S. Citizenship

A man born in Mexico who was convicted of child rape in Texas and then duped immigration officials to become a U.S. citizen. Officials stripped that citizenship after learning of his fraud. Almost 20 years after his initial conviction, the man was serving jail time in Mexico on another rape case.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - DECEMBER 01: Itzebegovic's Muslims Prisoners of Muslims Fighters of Fikret Abdic in Bihac, Bosnia And Herzegovina in December, 1994. (Photo by Art ZAMUR/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Feds Imprison Bosnian War Criminal, Strip Citizenship for Lying on Application

A federal judge in Florida sentenced a former Bosnian soldier to prison and stripped him of his U.S. citizenship following his conviction for lying on his naturalization application. The former soldier left an indictment and conviction for war crimes off of his application for U.S. citizenship.


Immigrant Former National Guard Member Arrested For Aiding ISIS

A naturalized U.S. citizen from Sierra Leone and former member of the Army National Guard is the latest individual arrested for providing material support to ISIS and attempting to purchase weapons for use in an attack on U.S.

Immigration, Naturalization Ceremony

Texas Judge Uses Naturalization Ceremony to Bash Trump and Guns

Texas held the largest naturalization ceremony this week that the Lone Star State’s capital has ever seen. The ceremony was used to assault Donald Trump, the Second Amendment, and the death penalty before 1,210 new U.S. citizens and their families and friends.