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Nolte: NYT Profile of Nazi Sympathizer Makes Case that Barack Obama Is White

The left-wing New York Times is catching all kinds of flak over a profile of Tony Hovater, an Ohio-based Nazi-sympathizer and white separatist who offers up sizzling insights like the one about Hitler being “a lot more chill” about the extermination of Slavs and homosexuals than history (and facts) would have us believe.


Kurtz on ‘Trump Trauma’: ‘Can We Please Cool It With the Nazi Stuff?’

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Mediabuzz,” host Howard Kurtz denounced the various media members and outlets for the name-calling after the results of the presidential election of Donald Trump. “Some journalists and commentators are so overwrought about the new president-elect that

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VIDEO: German ‘Anti Fascists’ Attack Police Instead Of Fascists

Hundreds of so-called ‘anti-fascists’ have rushed a line of police in Germany, after they were prevented from clashing with Neo-Nazis. They threw bottles and fireworks, injuring two police officers. Around 2,500 ‘anti-fascists’ – 500 of whom were involved in the


British Anti-Semite Sentenced to Three Years for Online Incitement

A 23-year-old British man was sentenced to over three years in prison for posting anti-Semitic material online ahead of an anti-Jewish neo-Nazi rally in July slated to take place in a predominately Jewish London neighborhood, which he helped plan. Joshua