Nolte: NYT Profile of Nazi Sympathizer Makes Case that Barack Obama Is White

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The left-wing New York Times is catching all kinds of flak over a profile of Tony Hovater, an Ohio-based Nazi-sympathizer and white separatist who offers up sizzling insights like the one about Hitler being “a lot more chill” about the extermination of Slavs and homosexuals than history (and facts) would have us believe.

The reporter behind the profile, Richard Fausset, also makes the case that former President Barack Obama is a white man.

The article is titled “A Voice of Hate In America’s Heartland,” and the backlash was immediate (as was the non-apology apology). The usual suspects are angry over the fact that, outside of him being a fascist sack of garbage (something he shares with the left), Hovater is not the walking-talking yeehawww! cliché our elites are so comfortable with. Rather, Hovater works as a welder, likes cats, Seinfeld, and heavy metal.

Oddly enough, though, what is not incensing anyone is the Times making it okay to deny Obama his only actual accomplishment — being America’s first black president.

“Mr. Hovater was incensed by the media coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, believing the story had been distorted to make a villain of George Zimmerman, the white man who shot the black teenager,” Fausset matter-of-factly writes.

Did you see what the Times did there? In order to continue to fuel the lie that a white man killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, the Hispanic man who shot Martin in self-defense, is blithely referred to as “the white man who shot the black teenager.”

Here are the facts:

Yes, George Zimmerman’s father is white.

Now meet Gladys Zimmerman, George’s mother. She is a first-generation immigrant from Peru. She is Peruvian, which means she is Hispanic, which means George is Hispanic. George looks Hispanic and correctly identified himself as Hispanic when he registered to vote — as a Democrat. According to George’s brother Robert, George voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

In other words, it was not a white man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense, it was a Hispanic, Democratic, Barack Obama supporter.

But the fiction our corrupt media continues to spread, and for obvious reasons, is that Zimmerman is white. The only problem with this fiction is that — when you lay that template over Barack Obama, born of a white mother and black father — the former president comes up white.

Richard Fausset appears to be a white man. So what you have here is a white man stripping a Hispanic man of his racial identity. “A Voice of Hate” indeed.

Now, let us try to imagine if Tony Hovater and his ilk began to matter-of-factly and incorrectly refer to Obama as white, if they began to question whether or not Obama truly deserves his place in history as America’s first black president.

What would the left’s argument be to stop them? With the imprimatur of no less than the editorial standards of the New York Times on the side of the Obama Is White Campaign, nothing could stop them. The New York Times built that.

Other than pushing a toxic agenda, the media have no standards, which is why when it comes to sexual misconduct or racial identity — or countless other things — they continue to trip over themselves as America continues to point and laugh at these self-appointed emperors, naked of all moral authority.

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