Old City of Jerusalem

Jewish Worshipers Defy UNESCO, Flood Western Wall

Tens of thousands of people gathered at the Western Wall throughout the day Wednesday in what appeared to be defiant display of rejection against UNESCO’s Tuesday adoption of a resolution which Israel says denies the deep historic Jewish connection to holy sites in Jerusalem.

Jewish worshippers attend the annual Cohanim prayer (priest's blessing) during the Su

More Security Cameras to be Added in Jerusalem Flash Points

Following the success of the Mabet 2000 security camera system in the Old City of Jerusalem – which takes live feeds from cameras all over the Old City and feeds them into a central video bank – the Jerusalem Police have decided to widen the scope of the program over the rest of the city of Jerusalem.

CCTV cameras survey the Old Street roundabout in Shoreditch which has been dubbed 'Si

Seal Bearing Name Of Judean King Found In Jerusalem

Archaeologists deciphered a seal impression bearing the name of the 8th century BCE biblical King Hezekiah recently found during excavations next to the Old City of Jerusalem, the Hebrew University announced Wednesday. The bulla, a stamp seal impression, was one

Jewish worshippers draped in prayer shawls perform the annual Cohanim prayer (priest's ble