Palestinian terrorist attack

Manhunt After Killer Terrorist in West Bank

Ynetnews reports: A terrorist on Sunday evening murdered a woman in her Otniel home south of Hebron, making her the 28th Israeli death from terrorist violence since the current terror wave began in September. Security forces began searching the area

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Palestinian Terrorist Attempts Knife Attack, Shot Dead: Israeli Army

NABLUS (PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES) (AFP) –  A Palestinian ran toward Israeli security forces brandishing a knife in the northern West Bank Thursday before being shot dead, the Israeli army said, the latest in more than two months of attacks. “During routine security

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Tens of Thousands Expected to Hang Israeli Flags in Solidarity With Jewish State

Following the media’s near-radio silence after the most recent spate of terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel by Israeli Arabs-Palestinians, two Florida-based public figures have started a global movement to stand up against antisemitism by donating thousands of Israeli flags to citizens across the United States and Canada to be hung in a show of solidarity with world’s only Jewish State.