Peter Beinart

Blue State Blues: Where We Stand on Islam

To raise these issues is not Islamophobic. It is the opposite — a refusal to condescend to Muslims by demanding less of them, by excusing them from the mutual civic responsibility of tolerance.

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

‘Reformocons’: How Conservatives Should Stop Worrying and Love the Debt Bomb

It’s not exactly a shocking revelation that liberals are interested in supporting Republicans who want to drag their party to the Left, especially after a historic midterm election where liberalism got its posterior kicked sideways. Give the Left credit for springing into action after just a few days of freaking out at the stupid voters, and writing tear-soaked screeds about how we probably shouldn’t have stupid midterm elections anyway, or maybe we shouldn’t even have Congress–at least not when a liberal Democrat is president. After screaming into their op-ed paper bags for a brief interval, they set about undermining the Republican wave by seeking to convince the winners that they should behave like losers. There are plenty of receptive ears in the Republican power elite for that message.