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Zika Begins to Hit Brazil’s Tourism Industry, Months Before Olympics

Brazil’s tourism industry is already suffering from the international alarm over the Zika virus outbreak that has infected 1.5 million people, with tour operators and hotel bookers experiencing an increase in the number of cancellations, particularly on the part of pregnant women who were planning to travel.

Reuters/Ivan Alvarado

Doctors: Brazilian Men Abandoning Pregnant Women over Zika

Doctors in Brazil say they are shocked by what they perceive as a surge in the number of women raising children with microcephaly alone, after their male partners leave them, blaming the woman for their child’s disorder. The number of microcephaly cases in Brazil has increased significantly since the current outbreak of the Zika virus began.


SoCal Traffic Report: Girl Born on the 405

A baby girl was delivered in the back of an SUV Sunday afternoon, on the busy 405 freeway in Orange County. . The father and the couple’s two young children were guided through the birthing process by an Orange County Fire Authority dispatcher over the phone.

405 Traffic (Kevork Djansezian / Getty)

Bristol Palin Strikes Back: ‘This Pregnancy Was Actually Planned’

In response to the chorus of critics who attacked her after she announced she was pregnant, Bristol Palin posted a follow up blog post titled “My Little Blessing,” affirming her strong pro-life beliefs and clarifying some of the misrepresentations being made about her.


Millenials Overconfident About Waiting to Have Children in Their 30s

A new study from Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey released this week National Infertility Awareness Week found that millennials are a little too cocky about waiting until their careers are established and they are in their thirties in order to have a child.

Flickr / devinf

CDC Worries About Pregnant Women Taking Prescription Drugs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a survey of American women between 15 and 44 who have taken opioids, and the results show how pervasive and dangerous the problem has become among pregnant women.

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa