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Pictures: Iran Completes Biden’s $6 Billion Hostage Deal

The United States and Iran exchanged prisoners on Monday, largely completing a deal that also included President Joe Biden unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian assets that have been held in South Korean banks since former President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

The United States and Iran reportedly exchanged prisoners on Monday, largely completing a

Report: Iran May Demand Biden Free More Prisoners After $6 Billion Ransom Payment

According to Iranian state media, President Joe Biden’s lopsided hostage deal with Tehran includes both a $6 billion ransom payment and releasing five Iranians jailed in the United States for sanctions violations, in exchange for five American hostages to be released by Iran. The Biden White House has said very little on the record about the deal, but Voice of America News (VOA) on Thursday put together a list of 11 Iranians who might be released as part of the deal.

An Iranian protester wearing a fake military uniform with a portrait of Iran's Suprem

Taliban Ends ‘Peace Deal’ with U.S. After Afghan President Balks

The prospects for the peace deal brokered between the United States and the Taliban looked grim less than 24 hours after it was announced, as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani balked at releasing 5,000 Taliban prisoners as specified in the agreement, and the Taliban responded by announcing it would resume “operations” against the Afghan government. 

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani looks on during a UN debate on performance of his country's