Prisoner Swap

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Report: Iran Rejected Secretly Offered Trump Admin Channel for Talks on Prisoners

A new report from the Wall Street Journal found that the Trump administration secretly reached out to the Iranian regime in December and proposed creating a direct channel with them to negotiate for the release of U.S. and Iranian nationals being held by both countries in what would be a potential prisoner swap.

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White House Secretly Dismissed $10 Million Jury Judgment to Make Iran Deal Work

Reuters reports Wednesday that part of the deal to secure the release of American prisoners in Iran involved the Administration throwing out a $10 million claim from a Maryland jury against an Iranian-American defendant, even though the defendant himself did not want to be part of the deal.


Iran Deal Can Only Be Enforced, Not Undone

Implementation Day arrived January 16. From now on, the Iran deal is a geopolitical reality–until it expires in about a decade, of course.

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Democrat Toni Atkins Leads California Trade Mission to Cuba

Following intensive efforts from U.S. President Obama to re-establish relations and the flow of commerce with the communist nation Cuba, nine Democrat California legislators along with academics and state agricultural representatives are making a pilgrimage to the notoriously oppressive nation.