Conservative Theology Helps Increase Church Attendance, Study Finds

Protestant churches that practice conservative theology are growing faster than those that embrace liberalism, an academic study has found. The Canadian research found that congregations at growing churches tend to read the bible more regularly, believe in the literal truth

AP Photo/Didi Tang

Study: Christianity, Islam Booming Among Youth in Communist China

A new survey published in Chinese state-run newspaper, the Global Times, finds young Chinese nationals increasingly attracted to religion, with Islam the most popular religion among people under 30 and Protestantism the religion with the largest number of places of worship in the country.

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Scalia in Gay Marriage Ruling Dissent: Where Are the Protestants?

In all the Sturm und Drang following last Friday’s landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that discovered a right to same-sex marriage in the American Constitution, a fascinating and disturbing observation by Justice Antonin Scalia was largely overlooked: U.S. Protestants had no say whatsoever in the new social order enacted by the Court.