Randi Harper

Randi Harper Creates Breitbart Twitter Blocklist

In a series of tweets sent out Thursday evening, Randi Lee Harper, an “anti-abuse” activist with a notorious reputation for abusing people on social media, declared that she was setting up a Twitter blocklist for anyone who followed a “Breitbart related” account.


The O’Reilly Open Source Convention Was a Twitter Disaster

O’Reilly Media’s 2015 Open Source convention (OScon) turned into a debacle on Twitter last week after the invitation of a controversial activist. The drama escalated after O’Reilly Media employed a flawed mass-blocking tool on its official Twitter accounts, which blocked a swathe of journalists and developers in addition to the convention’s critics.

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Renowned Author Calls Out Randi Harper’s Amazon Trolling

Bogus reader reviews have long been a problem for websites like Amazon and Goodreads. Intended as a mechanism to allow readers to dabble in literary criticism, their accessibility has left them vulnerable to political and personal vendettas. Despite the efforts of Amazon to stamp out

Royal Mail Processes Final Mail For Christmas Deadlines