Randy Thumann

Sgt Thumann and Lobos with $3 million in meth

Texas Deputy Seizes $3M in Meth During Traffic Stop

A Texas sheriff’s deputy seized nearly $3 million in methamphetamine following a routine traffic stop between San Antonio and Houston. The deputy, and his K-9 partner, routinely make multi-million dollar drug seizures and find large quantities of cash proceeds from narcotics trafficking.

Sgt. Randy Thumann and Lobos - Drug Seizure - Fayette County Sheriff's Office

Texas Deputies Seize $10 Million in Cocaine in Two Traffic Stops

Two Texas sheriff’s deputies in central Texas seized more than $10 million in cocaine in two traffic stops on consecutive days. The drug interdiction team for Fayette County regularly find major drug shipments along the busy Interstate 10 corridor between Houston and San Antonio.

Thuman Lobos and Meth

Texas Deputy Sheriff Makes Another Huge Meth Bust — $1.3 Million

A Fayette County deputy sheriff who specialized in drug interdiction on a rural Texas interstate highway seized $1.3 million worth of methamphetamine on Tuesday. This follows a $1.6 million seizure made by the same deputy and his K-9 partner “Lobos” on July 12.