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Lolesports Editor Announces Departure from Riot Games

The editor of the website has announced that he will no longer be working for Riot Games. Frank “Mihri” Fields has been in the role since July 2013 and has very often been the public face of some of the websites bigger failings.


Top ‘League of Legends’ Commentators Publicly Criticise Riot Games over Pay

Riot Games’ Mid Season Invitational (MSI) is one of the centrepieces of the League of Legends calendar. Along with the teams, Riot also usually assembles the best commentary team, with fan favourites and regional experts, to augment the viewer experience. This time however, due to a dispute over pay, this won’t be happening.

riot-games Editor Forced to Apologize over Opinion Piece

A senior editor for Riot Games, Frank “Mihri” Fields, had to make a humbling public apology for publishing an opinion piece on the lolesports website in a bid to quell the anger it generated among the players it wrote about.


Riot Games, eSports Team Owners Reportedly Clash over Merchandising Strategy

Riot Games currently have their annual League of Legends team owners conference underway. The event is where Riot orientates new team owners, discusses rule and strategy changes, as well as discussing matters that they believe to be of an overarching concern for teams and their product alike. After only the first day, sources have contacted Breitbart to inform us that several team owners are outraged at some of Riot’s proposals for the upcoming season.


Riot Games Responds to Concern over ‘League of Legends’ Player Surveys

Riot Games found themselves at the center of a controversy last week following several League of Legends players posting publicly that their in-game names had been changed without their consent and they’d been sent what looked like “psychiatric testing” surveys in exchange for a free name change.

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