San Francisco Police Department


Police Union in Trouble over ‘Black Labs Matter’ Photo

A San Francisco union representing the city’s police officers is being criticized for publishing an ad in the August issue of its monthly newspaper, showing one black and one white Labrador retrieved, each holding up signs that read “Black Labs Matter” and “All Labs Matter.”

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Scandal! S.F. Actually Hands Illegal Alien to ICE

San Francisco police officers are being slammed for violating the city’s stringent “sanctuary city” policy by taking a car-theft victim wanted for deportation into custody and handing him over to federal immigration authorities.

CAIR microphone (Jessica Gresko / Associated Press)

Possible Terrorists Protected from FBI in SF

Potential terrorists in San Francisco can rejoice: because of a 2012 San Francisco ordinance, the FBI has to ask permission from the city’s police department if it wants to question possible terrorists.


1,000 Convictions to Be Reviewed After SFPD Racist Text Scandal

A series of racist and homophobic text messages allegedly sent by officers in the San Francisco Police Department could result in the dismissal of three pending criminal cases as early as next week, and the review of 1,000 convictions that took place over the course of the last decade. Additionally, as many as 120 other cases could be scrapped.