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Obama Uses Facebook to Push Gun Control That’s Already Failed

On December 14–the 3rd anniversary of the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary–President Obama used a Facebook post to try to shame Congress into passing gun controls that would not have prevented the Sandy Hook attack from happening.

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Here’s How Many Lives Were Taken in Just 8 Armed Attacks in Gun Free Zones

Calls for more gun control almost always follow a public crime or terror attack in which the attacker–or attackers–use a gun. Yet many of the most infamous attacks take place in gun free zones–places where law-abiding citizens disarm themselves to comply with the rules while criminals take advantage of disarmed masses and open fire.

AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher

Rolling Stone: Tim McGraw a ‘Champion of the Second Amendment’

On April 17 Rolling Stone columnist Andrew Leahey tried to counter pro-2nd Amendment activists’ pushback on Tim McGraw’s Sandy Hook Promise gun control fundraiser by mocking Breitbart News’s reporting and then downplaying the group’s anti-gun agenda.

Wade Payne/Invision/AP