China Is Testing Dead People for Coronavirus

A funeral home in southeastern China’s Shenzhen city recently confirmed that it requires negative Chinese coronavirus test results for corpses before it will agree to process the bodies, the Chinese state-controlled news website Sixth Tone reported on Thursday.


Foxconn Keeps Chinese Factories Running Under Coronavirus Lockdown

Taiwan-based Apple supplier Foxconn said on Wednesday that two of its facilities in China have resumed limited operations under a “closed-loop” management system, which essentially means the employees are quarantined on the premises while the surrounding Chinese city of Shenzhen is subjected to a coronavirus lockdown.

An aerial view shows the construction site for COVID-19 isolation facilities and a tempora

Lockdown in Shenzhen as China Reports Record Coronavirus Cases

China’s southern economic hub of Shenzhen was placed into coronavirus lockdown on Monday, jeopardizing major foreign business operations and trapping some 24 million residents inside the surrounding province. The industrial hub city of Changchun was locked down on Friday, trapping 9 million citizens inside their homes and halting most corporate activity.

TOPSHOT - A general view of Shenzhen is seen from a bus travelling on the Shenzhen Bay bri

Education Across Hong Kong/China Border so Bad Parents Need Mental Health Treatment

The South China Morning Post reported on Thursday that parents in Shenzhen, the Chinese technology hub bordering on Hong Kong, are seeking treatment for depression and anxiety because they feel the city lacks adequate educational resources for their children at a time when China’s big tech companies are planning to ramp up hiring and transform Shenzhen into a “model city.”

Chinese police arrest 46 after violent protest over schooling

British Consulate Official Detained by China on Hong Kong Border

The British Foreign Office on Tuesday said it was “extremely concerned” by reports that trade and investment officer Simon Cheng Man-kit of the Hong Kong office has been detained by Communist China while traveling to the mainland for a business event. Cheng was listed as a “missing person” for over a week before there was any official confirmation he was in custody. The Chinese government has not explained why he was arrested.

Simon Cheng Man-kit