Islamic State Gaining Ground in Egypt’s Sinai

El-ARISH, Egypt — In the past three days, Islamic State fighters in Egypt’s volatile northern Sinai region abducted four men accused of collaborating with the government, three of them during a brazen raid in the middle of a public market.

Islamic state execution

Tensions Escalate Between Islamic State and Hamas

A senior Islamic State jihadist told Breitbart Jerusalem there was an escalation in the tensions between Hamas and IS, following a wave of arrests of Salafist militants in Gaza and the growing cooperation between Hamas and the Egyptian security services.


EXCLUSIVE – Top Jihadi Doubles Down: Islamic State ‘Recruited Airport Staff’

TEL AVIV – For the second time in recent days, Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, a top jihadi operative in the Gaza Strip, claimed that the Islamic State has recruited agents among airport personnel worldwide. Ansari was speaking to Breitbart Jerusalem on Tuesday from the Gaza Strip. He made the comments in the wake of the hijacking of an EgyptAir plane forced to land in Cyprus by a passenger claiming to be wearing an explosive suicide belt.

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