EU Migrant Policy in Disarray As Court Rules Migrants Can Be Returned to Struggling Border States

The Court of Justice of the European Union has rejected the advice of one of its own Advocates-General to rule that migrants can be sent back to the bloc’s border states, effectively overturning the “open door” policy ushered in by Germany’s Angela Merkel in 2015 – but, contradictorily, it also appears set to uphold a scheme to redistribute migrants from those border states to other EU members.


LISTEN: Netanyahu Caught on Hot Mic Blasting Europe’s ‘Crazy’ Policies on Israel

BUDAPEST — Unaware that his remarks were also being transmitted to reporters outside, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the European Union in unusually harsh terms on Wednesday for its treatment of Israel, urging the leaders of four Central European countries to use their influence in the organization to ease its conditions for advancing bilateral ties.

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Slovakia Established Counter Terror, Extremism Police Unit

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Slovakia has established a new police unit to fight terrorism and far-right extremism, the prime minister said Wednesday. Robert Fico, who introduced the new unit, said that he was glad that police can now “react to


Visegrad Nations Meet To Discuss Migrant Crisis, Terrorism

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Foreign ministers from central and southeastern Europe and the European Union’s top diplomat discussed on Tuesday challenges to the regions’ security and the need for close cooperation with and within the European Union to counter various