Yemen’s Refugee Crisis: Ethiopians and Somalis Pour in Amid Civil War

AFP relates the remarkable statistic that almost 100,000 refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia flowed into Yemen last year, often dying en route, despite a brutal civil war that mushroomed into an international conflict. As bad as things are in Yemen, Ethiopians and Somalis are still willing to risk death to emigrate there.


Lax Security, Phony IDs Surround Europe’s Migrant Flood

The Associated Press has filed an astounding report on the piles of fake documents appearing as discarded refuse along the migrant route into Europe, as the number of people claiming to be “Syrian” for the purposes of securing asylum status surges exponentially.

AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris

Savvy Smugglers’ Trick: Magnets Under Cars

Savvy drug smugglers, seeking innovative methods to evade federal authorities at the border, are using heavy-duty magnets to affix illegal substances to the undercarriage of “trusted traveler’s” vehicles in Mexico, reportedly targeting the drivers without their knowledge.

AP Photo