Snoopers Charter

Review: Britain Needs ‘Snoopers Charter’ To Fight Terror

An independent review of draft British security legislation said bulk interception and collection of citizens’ personal data was vital for the intelligence agencies to prevent attacks, a position welcomed by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Polish Senate

Why Apple Fears Britain’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’

Apple is formally opposing a proposed UK law that requires tech companies to provide a way for authorities to access encrypted messages. The software giant has prided itself on communications so secure that not even it can read some messages. Under so-called “end-to-end encryption,” only sender and receiver have the capacity to unscramble a message.

AP Photo/Andy Wong

UK Home Secretary Unveils Controversial New Web Surveillance Powers

The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, unveiled the government’s controversial Draft Investigatory Powers Bill in Parliament today. Dubbed ‘The Snooper’s Charter’ by critics, the bill will overhaul the surveillance powers of police and security services.

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REPORT: UK Police Request Personal Data Every Two Minutes

British police forces are making requests for access to the “who, where and when of any text, email, phone call or web search” carried out by private individuals on average once every two minutes, according to a new report. The