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Toffs Hate Brexit: It’s The Peasants’ Revolt

If you’re in favour of Brexit (British exit from the European Union) it probably means you’re an oik like me or Michael Gove rather than a proper posh person like David Cameron. Brexit is our Peasants’ Revolt. This is what


Spectator Mag Lashes Out At ‘Top 100 On The Right’ List

The Spectator magazine, which is now ranked lower than Breitbart London for UK traffic, according to, has lashed out at the list compiled by broadcaster and independent analyst Iain Dale, and published by Breitbart London. Despite the establishment magazine


Rod Liddle Does His Anti-Foxhunting Dad Dance. Enough, Already!

Rod Liddle – the thinking man’s Ricky Gervais – has been doing his Dad Dance routine again. You know the one. It’s where he shows how down-with-the-kids and still-in-touch-with-his-radical-leftist-working-class-roots he is by telling you how utterly he loathes foxhunting and