Saudi crown prince arrives in Cairo on regional tour

Experts, Images Indicate Saudis at Work on a Ballistic Missile Program

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A military base deep inside Saudi Arabia appears to be testing and possibly manufacturing ballistic missiles, experts and satellite images suggest, evidence of the type of weapons program it has long criticized its arch-rival Iran for possessing.

islamic state drone

Photos: Islamic State Claims Drone Fleet in Mosul

Photos released by the Islamic State group purport to show that its’ jihadists are again using small unmanned drones to attack targets in the area of Mosul where IS is locked in battle with the Iraqi army.

MOSUL, IRAQ - NOVEMBER 7: Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government's peshmerga forces attend the operation to clear Bashiqa Town as the operation to retake Iraq's Mosul from Daesh terrorists continues, in Mosul, Iraq on November 7, 2016. A much anticipated Mosul offensive to liberate the city from Daesh began midnight of …

Iraqi Forces Preparing Advance on South Mosul

Iraqi security forces are preparing to advance toward Mosul airport on the city’s southern edge to increase pressure on Islamic State militants fighting troops who breached their eastern defenses, officers said on Thursday.

radicialzation in prison (Gitmo)

French Prisons are ‘Radical Islam’ Terrorist Universities

The common link to France accounting for five of the 16 major Western nation terrorist incidents in 2016, including the July 14 “lone wolf” attack in Nice that killed 84 people, is French prisons being “radical Islam” terrorist universities. Despite


Satellites Show Hundreds of Makeshift Islamic State Oil Refineries in Iraq

Satellite images show that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has constructed hundreds of makeshift refineries in Iraq to offset the losses from U.S.-led airstrikes against the oil infrastructure that fuels and funds the jihadist group to the tune of tens of millions of dollars per month.

The Associated Press

Space Boom: Reusable SpaceX Rocket Cuts Launch Costs by 1/3

By cutting future commercial space flight costs by a third with their successful landing of a spent first-stage vehicle on a barge in the Atlantic, SpaceX just ignited an economic space boom that will be the defining feature of the

Elon Musk and Tesla 3 (Justin Prichard / Associated Press)

Tesla Model 3 Shines, But Lithium Price a Challenge

The glamour of the Tesla Model 3 premier this week created a huge surge in orders, but with commodity lithium prices used in Tesla batteries spiking 20 percent and expected to jump another 20 percent, inflationary costs may ruin Tesla’s electric car business.

Manta Putin (Mikhail Klementyev / AFP / Getty)

Stratfor: Russia Economy Hits Perfect Storm

The Russian economy started stagnating in 2013, but the nation was never actually able to recover from the 2008-2009 recession, according to Stratfor Global Intelligence. The combination of the 2014 sanctions over the Ukraine and collapsing oil prices is a perfect economic storm that is grinding Russia to a halt.