Why Is Polygamy Bad?

Imagine of the level of coordinated social energy poured into marginalizing opponents of gay marriage could be diverted into encouraging marriage and fidelity! Obviously we all agree that social pressures are very powerful, and not inherently wrong – we just disagree on how they should be directed.

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Who Will Be the Next Victim of the Big Gay Hate Machine?

Perhaps just two or three decades ago, gay and lesbian individuals and their support groups expressed a desire for others to accept them for who they were. Most of them likely struggled with their sexual identity, and ultimately, they wanted to know that the important people in their lives loved them and cared for them no matter what. Acceptance was the goal for gays and lesbians back then. My, how things have changed.

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Op-Ed: Texas Attorney General Stands Up for Texas Marriage Law

The importance of having strong, competent leaders fighting for Texas is never more apparent than when the will of Texans and the rule of law are under assault. That was clearly evident last week when a judge in Travis County declared our state’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, despite the will of more than three-quarters of Texans who voted for the amendment. Two days later, another judge in Travis County in a separate case directed the Travis County Clerk to issue a marriage license to a Democrat-Party-connected same-sex couple.

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7 Short Years: From Proposition 8 to National Gay Marriage?

If the Court does uphold same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, it will mark a stunning transformation of marriage in less than seven years. In 2008, voters in California, easily one of the most liberal states, passed Proposition 8, which made traditional marriage the only form of marriage recognized in the state, overturning an earlier ruling by the state’s courts. Rather than make their case again to the voters, gay marriage advocates took to the courts, dominated by liberal judges.

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Texas Rep Introduces Bill to Defend Traditional Marriage and State Sovereignty

Texas State Representative Cecil Bell (R-Magnolia) filed a bill in the State Capitol this week to protect the sovereignty of Texas and to defend traditional marriage in this state. The effect of the bill would be to prohibit the use of state or local funds to be used to license or support same-sex marriage. This would include blocking the salaries of any government employee engaged in subverting Texas law regarding marriage.

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IRS Back Doors Same-Sex Retirement Benefits in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas — The Obama Administration is attempting to back-door same-sex retirement benefits in conflict with a constitutional amendment passed by Texas voters. The IRS is requiring Texas businesses and non-profits to provide retirement benefits to partners married in states

IRS Back Doors Same-Sex Retirement Benefits in Texas

Abolish Legal Rights for Marriage, Says High Court Judge

A High Court judge has called for the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage to be abolished, saying there is no difference between married and cohabiting couples, and condemned the divorce system for giving special protection to wives. The Daily

Abolish Legal Rights for Marriage, Says High Court Judge