Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Greenpeace Releasing Secret Documents On Contested EU-US TTIP Deal

Greenpeace on Sunday said it was in possession of leaked documents showing that a planned huge free trade deal between the United States and the European Union poses “major risks for climate, environment and consumer safety”. The campaign group said

Demonstrators from grassroots environmental network Friends of the Earth Europe stage a protest aga

FT: The Revenge Of Globalisation’s Losers

From the Financial Times: Globalisation is failing in advanced western countries, where a process once hailed for delivering universal benefit now faces a political backlash. Why? The establishment view, in Europe at least, is that states have neglected to forge


France Threatens To Halt TTIP Talks, Blocking Progress

(Reuters) – France has threatened to stall further negotiations on a new EU-U.S. free trade deal barring significant progress in coming months, Trade Minister Matthias Fekl said on Tuesday. “I indicated in September that if there was no progress, we

Activists demonstrate against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) …

Slick Willie’s Brexit Advice: Don’t Pull Out

Bill Clinton has advised British voters to reject Brexit in June’s European Union (EU) referendum, warning that Northern Ireland stands to get “whacked” in the event of withdrawal. The former President of the United States, now a full time campaigner for


Despite Opposition, EU And US Push For Conclusion Of TTIP Deal

Confirming recent comments from Brussels sources, the European Commissioner in charge of the secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal has said the U.S. and European Union (EU) still aim to conclude the agreement this year. Although a White House spokesman recently suggested TTIP negotiations

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EU To Rush TTIP Deal Before Obama Presidency Ends

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The European Union aims to bring free trade negotiations with the United States towards a close by the summer, a necessary step if a deal is to be clinched before a change of president in the United

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Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position’ on Trade Is ‘Right’ as Americans Lose Jobs Overseas

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the intellectual leader of the modern conservative movement and the catalyst behind much of the rise of nationalist populism in this election cycle, told Breitbart News exclusively that he thinks there’s much about 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for voters to like when it comes to the issue of trade negotiations.


Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote For Obamatrade Without Even Reading It

Rubio, a Republican presidential candidate, was the deciding vote necessary for the U.S. Senate to clear the final 60-vote threshold and eventually, later this week, send to President Barack Obama’s desk the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill that would fast-track at least three highly secretive trade deals that Obama has been negotiating for years.

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America’s Openly Gay Ambassadors Boast: ObamaTrade ‘Will Export’ LGBT Agenda

The op-ed’s authors state that they are already promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) abroad. “In speaking about these agreements, we often use the word ‘values,’” they write. “We promote transparency, public participation, accountability and the rule of law, and we advocate for our host countries to join us in setting the global standard.”

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5 Reasons Free Traders Should Oppose Obamatrade

The debate over whether Congress should grant President Obama fast track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreements has now been reduced down to a false choice between free trade and protectionism.