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China Slams Australian TV for ‘Cold-Blooded’ Coverage of Xinjiang Camps

China’s state-run media sputtered with outrage over Monday’s installment of the Australian television program Four Corners, which looked at the massive re-education camps China has established in Xinjiang province to hold a sizable portion of its Muslim population. China slammed the report as “deplorable” and “cold-blooded,” by which it meant the Australian team overlooked all the wonderful things Beijing is doing for the Uighur people.

Sadam Abdusalam holds up a photo of his Uighur wife Nadila Wumaier and their baby son Lutifeier at a restaurent in Sydney's western suburbs on July 17, 2019. - Australia's government on July 17 called on China to allow an Australian child and his Uighur mother to leave the country, …

Hong Kong Pop Star Asks U.N. to Expel China from Human Rights Council

Hong Kong pop singer, actress, and political activist Denise Ho Wan-see gave a speech to the United Nations on Monday in which she accused China of violating its commitments to Hong Kong’s autonomy and asked the U.N. to remove China from its Human Rights Council. Chinese diplomats interrupted her two-minute speech twice.

Pro-democracy Hong Kong singer Denise Ho attends the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on July 8, 2019. - The United Nations should convene an urgent session to discuss the crisis in Hong Kong, says singer and protest activist Denise Ho. Ho is in Geneva to adress the United …

Dallas Proclaims Itself First ‘U.N. Human Rights County’ in Texas

Dallas proclaimed itself the first “human rights county” in Texas. The commissioners court embraced the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an initiative that claims to cultivate communities worldwide, although the Geneva-based Human Rights Council (HRC) has come under fire for anti-Israel bias and member countries with poor records.

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