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U.S. Sailors

Seven Reasons Obama Is Wrong About the Geneva Convention

To Obama, the Geneva Convention applies to stateless terrorists–who are not parties to the convention, and are not lawful combatants–but not to U.S. sailors captured and detained by Iran at gunpoint

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Ted Cruz Leads Off GOP Debate with Ode to Captive Sailors

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fielded the first question of the GOP Debate in Charleston, South Carolina. When he was asked a question about jobs, he took the opportunity to preface his answer by slamming President Barack Obama for ignoring the plight of ten U.S. Navy sailors who had been seized by Iran on Tuesday.


Blue State Blues: Were Sailors Ordered to Surrender?

I believe that the ten U.S Navy sailors arrested by Iran on Tuesday had been ordered to surrender and to cooperate with their captors. I believe that because it is the only logical possibility that remains, once the dubious claims being

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)