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Visegrad Four

Hungary: Mass Migration And Terrorism Go Hand In Hand

Mass migration is responsible for terror attacks in Europe including the slaughter in Nice that killed 84, say Senior Hungarian politicians including Viktor Orbán’s Cabinet Office chief. Talking on Hungarian radio yesterday Cabinet Office chief Antal Rogán pointed to recent terror


Hungarian Government: This Is Not A Refugee Crisis, It’s Mass Migration

A senior Hungarian government spokesman has said measures taken by individual states or small groups of states to address ongoing mass migration deal more effectively with the problem than European Commission initiatives. Zoltán Kovács — the government spokesman for the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister —

mass migration

Bulgaria And Romania Use Migrant Crisis To Gain Access To Schengen Area

Bulgaria and Romania will attempt to leverage the European migrant crisis to gain admission to the borderless Schengen area. Prime ministers of both countries agreed the shared stance in a telephone call ahead of yesterday’s deadlocked EU interior and justice ministers meeting. Romania’s

HEGYSHALOM, HUNGARY - SEPTEMBER 15: Hundreds of migrants arrive off a train from Roszke, at Hegyshalom railway station on the Austrian border after Hungarian authorities closed the open railway track crossing on September 15, 2015 in Hegyeshalom, Hungary.