Celebrities Trash Police in ‘Where is the Love?’ Music Video Calling for Peace

Pop group The Black Eyed Peas reunited to launch a remix to their chart-topping 2003 peace anthem,”Where Is the Love?” this week, enlisting plenty of star power for the music video — but some of the artists included appeared to explicitly place blame on police officers for targeting people, even though the song is meant as a call to unity.


Will.i.am on White Oscars: ‘Who Gives a F**k’

Adding his name to the growing list of celebrities who’ve decided to downplay the Academy’s lack of black nominees is singer Will.i.am, who is calling the controversy “a waste of energy.”

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Will.i.am’s Smartwatch: Worst Wearable Ever Designed?

Black Eyed Peas founder Will.i.am announced last year the release of the wrist-wearable Puls smart phone. While one reviewer described the device as “the worst product I’ve touched all year,” Mashable took an in-depth look at the Puls recently to assess its features.

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