Zero Tolerance Policies

Houston Schools Plan to Reconnect with At-Risk Students

Trustees at the Houston Independent School District approved a proposal to retake control over its Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP), the place where middle and high school students all too often wind up after breaking school rules, only to find themselves in the school-to-prison pipeline.

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Some Texas Schools Ban ‘Suspension’ for Youngest Students

Some Texas school districts are revisiting their zero tolerance policies to examine how they can better serve their most vulnerable population, students enrolled in pre-Kindergarten through second grade, by banning suspensions and other disciplinary punishments.


Texas Students Learn Zero Tolerance Policies Also Apply to Ponytails

In theory, school dress codes and grooming policies intend to thwart distractions by fostering conformity and compliance to an established norm but two Texas students in different parts of the state recently learned that sometimes sporting a ponytail can result in potential suspension or worse, expulsion, all because of school zero tolerance policies.

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‘Guilty Before Proven Innocent,’ Says Texas Student on Zero Tolerance Ordeal

A Texas high school senior, who spent over two months in jail accused of a making a terroristic threat on campus, described his harrowing ordeal with zero tolerance policies as “guilty before proven innocent.” Last week, a grand jury determined there was insufficient evidence to indict him on the felony charge.

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Zero Tolerance: Another Texas Student Suspended for Helping Asthmatic Classmate

Instead of praise, a Central Texas school district suspended a 15-year-old boy when he rushed a classmate, who was in the throes of an asthma attack, to the school nurse’s office in yet another incident of zero tolerance policies overriding common sense. This follows last week’s double suspensions for two North Texas students, which also involved an asthma attack.

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Texas School Punishes Good Samaritan Student Under Zero-Tolerance Policies

A 12-year-old North Texas middle school honor student never imagined her “Good Samaritan” intentions to help an asthmatic classmate struggling to breathe would result in her being punished by her school’s zero-tolerance policies, all because she offered up her asthma inhaler.

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Parents Want Knife-Packing 5th Grader Expelled at Texas School

A knife-packing 5th grader came to school with the intent to allegedly harm others at one suburban Houston elementary school, a major violation of the student code of conduct. Parents, worried this can happen again, are angry and want the student expelled.

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Texas Teen Arrested After Bringing Gun to School, Claims Fear of Gangs

Terrified of bullying from gangs, an East Texas teen claimed as his rationale for bringing a backpack handgun into high school last week. The teen’s mother confirmed the motivation. “Safe school” policies resulted in his arrest for unlawfully carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.


‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed May Leave Texas School District Silenced from Telling Their Side of Story

When “Clock Boy” Ahmed jets off to Qatar, he may leave his former Texas high school silenced from disclosing the details behind his September 14 arrest because the Mohamed family did not sign the school district’s waiver. Without it, the Irving Independent School District (ISD) remains muzzled from telling their side, burying the rest of the story.

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Cellphone Captures Texas High School Cop ‘Choking’ 14-year-old Student

A cell phone camera captured an incident in a Texas high school that brings a whole new meaning to “choking” zero tolerance policies–a high school campus police officer with his hands wrapped around a 14-year-old male student’s throat. The teen’s dad wants the officer reprimanded.

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Patriotic Air Force Logo Violates Texas School District’s Dress Code

Twin sisters at a North Texas middle school got the surprise of their young lives when they stumbled into trouble for wearing front-zip hoodies with patriotic U.S. Air Force logos. District officials said that the oversized emblems violated the school’s dress-code policy.

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Ahmed Mohamed’s School Discipline Problems Started Long Before His ‘Clock’

Ahmed Mohamed’s school discipline problems started long before bringing a homemade suitcase clock accused of being a “hoax bomb” into a Texas public school. The 14-year-old Irving high school freshman turned citizen-of-the-world celebrity sports a middle school history of detention, suspension, and even an incident where he tried to smart mouth his way out trouble by reciting his First Amendment rights to the principal, which landed him in hot water in these zero tolerance times.