Twitter Ridicules Campus SJWs with #NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

One of the many problems of advertising your hypersensitivity is that you will quickly become what the internet calls a ‘lolcow’ — a creature that can be milked again and again for easy laughs.

This week, the coddled campus social justice warriors of America fell into the lolcow trap.

As first Yale and then the University of Missouri descended into a frenzy of political correctness, commentators from the conservative right to the liberal left expressed their horror at the new intolerance of the U.S student population. Scathing editorials condemning campus radicals appeared everywhere from New York Magazine to The Atlantic to Breitbart.

Others preferred to laugh as the world burns, and so the conservative blogger and social media sensation @iowahawkblog called on fellow tweeters to make the 10th of November “#NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay.”

Twitter jumped straight on the mockery train of the hypersensitive. The hashtag approached 35,000 tweets by Tuesday evening. Here are some of the best examples:

DISCLOSURE: This reporter also got in on the lulz.

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