Self-Described Pedophile Sarah Nyberg Included in Leigh Alexander Book Project


Self-described pedophile Sarah Nyberg is to be included in Leigh Alexander’s new Offworld book project, according to the official Kickstarter campaign.

The project is currently raising funds to release a hardback compilation of the progressive gaming news website’s “most diverse, personal, and insightful writing” and features pieces from 24 different writers, including Alexander, Zoe Quinn and, Nyberg.

Nyberg’s claims of pedophilia were brought to light when a series of chat logs were leaked in September last year.

Statements including, “I’m a submissive male to female transsexual pedophile,” and, “I used to think 5/6/7 was too young but [name redacted] totally changed my mind,” are just two examples of comments made by Nyberg in the logs. She also regularly made sexual comments about her 8-year old cousin, revealing her identity to others in the chat, and linked to sexualised images of children.

The hardback project was announced on Wednesday, along with Alexander’s retirement from video games journalism.

Nyberg confirmed her involvement in the project through a series of tweets expressing her excitement at being involved in the upcoming book, but also stated her sadness at Alexander’s departure from Offworld.

The Offworld Collection is currently in its fundraising stage but is set to be released in August.

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