Instagram’s Facebook-Style Feed Update Leads to User Backlash

© AFP/File Lionel Bonaventure

Changes to the order in which content will appear in Instagram’s photo feed have sparked a negative reaction from some users, including notable celebrities, who fear it will detract attention and lead to less interaction to their profiles.

The company is slowly changing the app’s feed into an “algorithmic timeline” which will sort posts based on their predicted appeal to users’ interests rather than its traditional chronological feed.

Some celebrities, concerned that their devoted fans may now see fewer of their posts than they would like, have urged their followers to “turn on notifications” in a bid to keep them up to date with their personal lives.

Instagram claimed that there is no cause for concern.

“We’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now,” the photo-sharing app tweeted.

The change brings the app in line with Facebook, who bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, in focusing their content on a user’s particular trends and interests.

Celebrities such as reality star Kylie Jenner and supermodel Cindy Crawford have asked their fans to change their notification settings so they are notified of their new content.

“I hate this new update Instagram is slowly trying to introduce,” Jenner said in a post. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – I don’t really understand it and there has to be another motive because you follow people for a reason.”

Portuguese clothes vendor New Fangle Clothing posted: “It’s still happening – Instagram is changing and if you don’t want to miss any of our updates please turn on post notifications.”

“If you like my works and still want to see my illustrations, turn on the notifications please,” appealed illustrator Julio Cesar, who has around 130,000 followers.

An online petition called Keep Instagram chronological has also emerged, attracting more than 325,000 signatures.

However, some users have criticised the pleas of high profile users, describing them as “annoying” and “attention seeking.”

“I’m tired of everyone telling me what to do on Instagram today,” tweeted one US-based user, who added she would be leaving her notifications switched off.

“Oh, Instagram isn’t going to be instant anymore? Who cares, there’s an unfollow button for a reason,” said a user in Japan.

“No thanks – My phone will not be ringing off the hook for your selfies and food posts,” another user posted.

Instagram confirmed they will be letting users know “as soon as the changes are rolled out broadly.”

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