Minecraft Passes 100 Million Units Sold


Minecraft has just surpassed 100 million units sold, firmly establishing it as one of the most successful video games of all time (as if that were in dispute.)

From wildly elaborate statues, recreations of legendary starships, and entire cities rendered in multicolored blocks, Minecraft has inspired a generation of cubic creativity in its endlessly growing community of virtual builders. That’s not even including the successful adventure game spinoff on the universe.

Since Microsoft acquired Markus “Notch” Persson’s internationally renowned brainchild, the game has seen ports onto multiple consoles, continued content expansions, a forthcoming “large budget” movie, and the almost inevitable sequel.

Despite countless imitators, no other title has come within proverbial miles of the Minecraft phenomenon. Now, Microsoft is doubling down on the success of this creative juggernaut via a partnership with NetEase to bring the mobile and PC versions of Minecraft to China.

Minecraft is leaping headfirst into the VR arena with a host of platforms eager to set up shop in the endless procedural world as early as the beginning of last year. It’s the banner title for Microsoft’s own Hololens, as shown at last year’s E3.

The creator may now be a semi-retired multi-billionaire, but the global creative community he built shows no signs of slowing.

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