Facebook Accused Of ‘Shadowbanning’ Page Mapping Migrant Crimes


XY-Einzelfall, a German Facebook page listing and mapping all migrant and asylum-seeker committed crimes, as reported in police reports and media, seems to have been shadowbanned by Facebook.

Shadowbanning, sometimes known as “Stealth Banning” or “Hell Banning,” describes a tactic employed by forums and social media: Instead of banning the targeted user and alerting them to the fact, posts and messages are secretly hidden from public view so that the user doesn’t realize they’ve been censored.

The Facebook’s page followers reported not seeing the any of the page’s posts on their timelines after liking it and sometimes the page never loading when accessed directly, the former which we could reproduce.

Breitbart Tech spoke to the page’s owner, who reported that he noticed a sharp, sudden decline in their traffic last week, halving it after weeks of strong continuous growth.

As Breitbart have previously reported, Facebook have long been open about their collusion with the German government to censor discussion critical of immigration. Twitter and Google have also announced similar plans.

The social media giant’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg fell under scrutiny earlier this year for praising German refugee policies as inspiring and wishing the US would follow suit. This statement came a few months after the German government hired ex-Stasi employees to patrol Facebook for ‘xenophobic’ comments.

Following Twitter, Facebook is beginning to turn their pledge to combat “hate speech” into censorship of anti-immigration discussion and it is speculated they are relaying information to the German government – as evidenced by the police raids on Facebook users who left behind ‘hate posts’ publicly.

Facebook have denied that the company took any action against the page, and have also denied that the company uses “shadowbanning” on their platform.

Marc Geppert tweets as @Darian_Wolf


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