Jocko Willink: ‘I Got Shadowbanned’ After Making Biden Administration ‘Look Like Idiots’

“I got shadowbanned,” Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL and author, said in a clip from his Jocko Underground podcast published on Monday. He said his months-long shadowbanning — which he notes had since been reversed — on an unspecified “social media” platform was imposed after making the Biden administration “look like idiots” in relation to the White House’s management of withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Mark Zuckerberg (Drew Angerer /Getty)

Twitter Files Reveals Blacklists and Shadowbanning – Elon Musk Is Embracing the Same Tactics

In the latest Twitter Files exposé, it was revealed that Twitter shadowbanned accounts to suppress their reach and virality, especially prominent conservatives. There’s just one problem — these tools are almost identical to Elon Musk’s current policy of “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach.” Based on Musk’s comments, it seems unlikely any of the freshly exposed tools are going to be dropped from the platform, leaving Americans seeking free speech at the mercy of nebulous terms like “hate speech.”

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Facebook Receives Patent for ‘Shadowbanning’ Tech

Despite its frequent denials that it practices “shadowbanning” — the covert censorship of content without notifying the censored — Facebok applied for and received a U.S. patent for shadowbanning technology last month, according to a report in the New American.

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