Rape Victim’s Opinion On Stanford Rape Case Not PC Enough for Buzzfeed

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Heather Marlowe, an anti-rape activist and a rape victim herself, revealed that her opinion on the Stanford rape case was rejected by Buzzfeed, allegedly for not fitting in with the narrative on the case of the justice system failing rape victims.

Buzzfeed reached out to Marlowe, the writer and performer of The Haze, a “tragicomic solo play” about her experience with San Francisco police mishandling her rape kit, for comment on the Brock Turner rape conviction and controversial sentencing, wanting to know her “thoughts and feelings about the case.”

Marlowe originally wrote a response that included harsh criticisms of the leftist feminist Michele Dauber and her decision to recall Judge Perksy. However, Marlowe chose to rewrite her statement, knowing full well of the feminist bias that Buzzfeed usually presents, instead sticking to “straight facts” in her revised statement.

Marlowe wrote in the statement that she experienced massive “cognitive dissonance” surrounding the verdict and frenzy in the media, noting that she had “trouble understanding” exactly why Vice President Joe Biden’s open letter to the victim declared that “a lot of people [had] failed” the victim. In fact, the victim had made it all the way through the “criminal justice funnel,” as Marlowe described it, and had her perpetrator convicted, unlike many other rape victims who report their attacker to police and whose rape kits are “still collecting dust on shelves.”

Further on in the statement, Marlowe bashed the flimsy rape tribunals that appear on campus, which consist of “inconsistent or no professional legal representation, an assumption of guilty until proven innocent, guilty victims not being incarcerated… and both alleged victims and the accused being denied due process under law.”

Buzzfeed proceeded to reject the statement that Marlowe had provided them, because they apparently “had a very high volume of submissions and had to cut the letters that were longer or that their editor felt were not in keeping with the tone of the piece.” Marlowe “wholeheartedly” agreed with this decision, as she says that her opinion did not fit the “typical PC feminist victim narrative regurgitation” that is commonly seen on leftist sites and the mainstream liberal media.

You can read her full statement here and decide for yourself.

Jack Hadfield is a student at the University of Warwick and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter here: @ToryBastard_.


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