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Panel Clears Judge in Stanford Rape Case: No ‘Convincing Evidence of Bias’

On Monday, the state agency that oversees judicial discipline in California ruled that Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky did not commit misconduct, and found no evidence that he displayed bias when he handed down what was perceived by his critics as a lenient sentencing against a Stanford swimmer convicted of rape.

Judge Persky Protest (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)

Stanford Rape: Protesters at Brock Turner’s Home with Guns

About a dozen demonstrators, some of them armed with guns, stood outside of convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner’s family home in Ohio on Saturday carrying signs condemning his release just one day after he was freed from serving three of his six months’ sentence in a Santa Clara County jail.

Brock Turner protest (@wildd_child / Twitter)

Stanford Rape Judge Persky Will No Longer Hear Criminal Cases

Judge Aaron Persky, the Santa Clara justice who was criticized after handing down a short rape sentence for Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, has voluntarily asked to be moved from hearing criminal cases in Palo Alto to civil cases.

Judge Persky Protest (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)

Democrats Want to Make Stanford Rape Letter Required Reading

Two Democratic lawmakers from San Diego want to make a letter written by a victim of rape at Stanford University required reading as part of California public universities’ assault prevention and consent training programs for incoming students.

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Stanford Rape Case: Brock Turner’s Ex-Girlfriend Defends Him

Convicted rapist and former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s ex-girlfriend has written a letter, which was included in court documents, defending him and painting him in a different light than that which has been presented in national media.

Brock Turner (Santa Clara County Sheriff via Associated Press)

Jurors Refuse to Serve Under Stanford Rape Judge Aaron Persky

At least 10 prospective jurors who were selected to serve on a case Stanford rape case Judge Aaron Persky is handling have refused to serve on the panel, citing their anger over his decision to give Brock Turner, 20, just six months in county prison as opposed to the six years that were originally recommended by prosecutors.

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