Children Watching Netflix Up to 27 Times as Much as Spent Playing Outdoors

The Associated Press

Children are spending their days watching streaming services such as Netflix up to a staggering 27 times more they spend playing outdoors, according to a new analysis.

Research undertaken by Exstreamist shows that the average child between the ages of 2-18 watches 1.8 hours a day of video content, primarily from services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, for a total of 650 hours a year, or 27 days.

This can be compared to the data provided by the National Wildlife Federation, which revealed that children only spend a dismal 4-7 minutes of optional time outdoors, setting aside structured activities such as sports or walking to school.

That means that children are on average spending 15 times the amount of time streaming as playing outdoors, with this figure rising to 27 times in some of the worst case scenarios.

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