Students Face Expulsion for Creating Game That Promotes ‘Rape Culture’


University of Quebec, Outaouais students face expulsion after creating a “game” that has been accused of promoting “rape culture.”

The game, which the students made as part of the inter-university competition “Les Jeux de la Communication,” consisted of a list of things to do under the name of “The 12 Labours of Hercules” and included such goals as to kiss a girl or photograph a woman’s breasts, along with set points for each accomplishment.

“I think the response from everybody was they were furious,” said the president of the university’s women’s committee, Valerie La France. “They didn’t understand how someone could think that was funny or think that was OK to do… everybody was outraged, everybody was already asking for actions from the university.”

“This is the worst example of rape culture I’ve ever seen,” continued La France. “It’s the most vulgar one, too.”

France, who blames the incident on “rape culture,” added that she hopes no women “will wake up today feeling like she got taken advantage of” but also stated that it is “a great opportunity to engage in discussion about rape culture.”

The event was quickly cancelled and the university is currently investigating the situation.

“It’s not appropriate, and that’s why we condemn this event,” said university rector Denis Harrison, who also stated that the game was against school policy.

Three students who helped organize the event have stepped down from their positions after the controversy, and Les Jeux de la Communication are reported to be responding to the situation with a consent campaign.

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