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Apple Customers Revolt over New MacBook That iPhone Can’t Connect to Without Adapter

The Associated Press

Apple customers are revolting against the company’s latest attempt to milk more money from its users: making the ability to connect your iPhone to the new MacBook impossible unless your purchase an extra accessory.

By changing the new $1,799 to $2,399 MacBook Pro’s USB ports to the USB-C format, users will now have to purchase a new $25 dongle to connect their iPhone to the device, while the SD card slot has also been removed.

The announcement has generated numerous complaints from users, some who proclaim to be life-long customers that are now looking for an alternative manufacturer.

Several users also pointed out the fact that the company left a headphone jack in its new laptop, unlike the iPhone 7, which forced users to use a separate dongle accessory to listen to music through a pair of headphones, later claiming that the act took “courage.”

After the latest Apple announcement, CEO Tim Cook also declared that his company were “going to kill cash” in response to Apple Pay’s recent increase of users.

“We’re going to kill cash. Nobody likes to carry around cash,” said Cook to a number of reporters. “You shouldn’t have to remember anything when you leave your home but your iPhone.”

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