Tech Companies Write Open Letter to Trump Urging Increased Immigration

Donald Trump laughs (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
Justin Sullivan / Getty

The Internet Association, a group of prominent technology companies that include Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix, and Amazon, penned an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump on Monday, asking for his support on a series of policies.

“Congratulations on your recent election. The Internet Association and its 40 member companies are writing to you today because innovation emerging from America’s internet industry drives significant economic growth throughout our economy,” wrote Internet Association president and CEO Michael Beckerman.

“Included with this letter is a roadmap of key policy areas that have allowed the internet to grow, thrive, and ensure its continued success and ability to create jobs throughout our economy,” he continued. “The internet industry looks forward to engaging in an open and productive dialogue. Thank you for your consideration of the following policy priorities. ”

The list of policies were mainly related to technology, with many surrounding copyright, privacy, data security, and an open internet. However, a policy titled “Imigration Reform” was also included in the document, as well as one section about increasing “Diversity in Tech.”

“The U.S. immigration system must allow more high-skilled graduates and workers to stay in the United States and contribute to our economy,” claimed Beckerman under the immigration reform section. “To accomplish this, the U.S. must expand and improve the Green Card program, including the creation of a STEM Green Card system.”

Below this section, Beckerman also asked President-elect Trump to “Support policies that build a long-term foundation for improving diversity in the tech industry, including providing additional funding to support tech education pipelines for individuals from rural America and underrepresented communities.”

You can read the full letter here.

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