Disney World to Debut Drone Light Show This Winter

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Disney World Orlando has announced the debut of a new drone light show, which will feature 300 light-fitted drones this winter.

After being given special permission by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly the drones at night, an act which the Sun claims is “normally illegal in the US,” Disney’s new 300-piece drone light show is set to replace part of the existing annual fireworks display.

“We can see the multiple drones per pilot technology being implemented not just in light shows, but also in commercial applications,” said Intel’s director of drone marketing, Natalie Cheung, whose company created the drones.

“If you inspect a bridge, if you can have more than one drone to do it, you have a faster way of inspecting the bridge,” she explained in promoting the capabilities of the new drones. “If you were doing search and rescue and you have one drone out there searching for you, it’s much better to have a fleet of drones searching.”

The show is set to take place two times a night, with the drones performing over a lake in case of a machine failure. It is also reported that the drones are “capable of four billion light combinations, can travel at around 22 miles per hour and fly in light rain.”

Earlier this week, a man allegedly caught his wife of eighteen-years cheating on him after sending a drone to hover over her usual commuting route, while in September, Chipotle and Google parent Alphabet partnered to test out a drone burrito delivery service.

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