Conservative UCLA Lecturer Let Go by University After Criticizing School


Conservative UCLA lecturer Keith Fink has been let go from his post for supposedly failing to meet the institution’s standard of excellence.

Attorney and lecturer Keith Fink appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program on more than one occasion during the spring semester in which he was employed at UCLA in Southern California. In his most recent appearance, Fink claimed that the University, of which he is an alumnus, was seeking to end his professional relationship with the institution.

Fink’s intuitions proved to be true, and he was officially let go from his position as a part-time lecturer in the University’s Department of Communication Studies this week. In an email to Breitbart News, Fink’s teaching assistant Andrew Litt wrote that “the Interim Dean of Social Sciences, Laura Gomez, made the decision to effectively fire Keith (by deeming him ‘not excellent’)” during a department review. Fink had alleged on Carlson’s program that he was specifically targeted by the administration and faculty for his conservative political beliefs.

In Fink’s original appearance on Carlson’s program, Fink discussed his course on free speech. He claimed that the course covers “the principles that govern the First Amendment, Free Speech, Freedom of Conscience,” and “due process rights, sexual assault, and the kangaroo campus court proceedings.” He claimed that he is one of the most popular lecturers on campus with the students.

Fink claimed that UCLA “consistently tramples student’s rights.” He went on to give examples of instances in which the University trampled on the speech rights of the students.

Litt provided Breitbart News with the results of Fink’s student evaluations. Despite the department claim that Fink did not meet the UCLA standard of excellence, the 88 students who participated in the evaluations were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences in his courses. He received a “very high” mark in the category of “overall instructor quality.”

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