Security Robot ‘Drowns’ Itself in Fountain


A security robot in Washington D.C. went viral on social media this week after it ‘drowned’ itself in a nearby fountain.

The security robot, developed by robot makers Knightscope Inc., regularly patrols the area at Washington Harbour, a mixed use facility in Washington DC comprised of a shopping area, offices, and condominiums. But this week, the robot’s regular patrol went awry when the machine drove directly into a fountain, disabling the security robot entirely. Naturally, users across Twitter jumped at the chance to ridicule the unfortunate device,

Knightscope said in a statement to the Washington Post that the event was an “isolated incident” and that a new robot would be delivered to Washington Harbour free of charge. This is not the first incident that Knightscope has seen with their line of security robots, in April a San Francisco man was arrested after he drunkenly knocked over one of the robots. Last year another robot accidentally ran over the leg of a toddler, luckily the child did not suffer any serious injuries.

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