Columbia Students Say College Republicans Should Be ‘Punched in the Face’

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The Columbia University Marching Band justified physical violence against members of the Ivy League school’s College Republicans chapter during an event that took place last week.

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Posted by Columbia University Marching Band on Thursday, December 14, 2017

During a poetry reading that took place in the library last week at Columbia University, student Julia Arredondo argued, to the cheers of those surrounding her, that the only way to “shut up” Columbia University’s College Republican group members is to “punch them in the face.”

The speech was part of an event featuring the marching band that took place in Columbia University’s library. According to a report from Campus Reform, the marching band entered the library with their instruments concealed in backpacks and under clothes.

Arredondo repeatedly compared the College Republican group to Nazis. She called the group’s president, Aristotle Boosalis, the chapter’s “Grand Wizard” and said that he is “more racist than the original Aristotle.” She said the group’s meetings are akin to “Klan rallies.”

On Facebook, the Columbia University marching band sarcastically suggested that the College Republicans would next be hosting prominent men accused of sexual misconduct such as Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and Matt Lauer. Ironically, of the men included in the post are influential Democrats.

“We believe that sexual assault is never appropriate,” Boosalis said of the fliers, adding that they are “false advertising.”

Arredondo celebrated the posters that included the group member’s photos. “Days later, flyers appeared exposing CUCR members for giving a platform to Nazis, something everyone on their floor could already tell from the whiff of burning crosses emanating from their dorm rooms,” Arredondo said during her speech

As a result of the campaign to smear the group’s members, Booralis says that his parents are encouraging him to take a semester off to avoid the possibility that they will be at the center of a harassment or physical violence incident.

Aristotle Booralis appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program in October to reveal that he and his peers had their pictures plastered around campus by an Antifa group that was subtly suggesting that they should be harassed.

The band transitioned from Arredondo’s speech to an impromptu performance of “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon. It is unclear why the Columbia University marching band is now a partisan student organization.



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