U.N. to Hear Demand of ‘Special Status’ and Global Respect for Thai Massage

A selection of delegates from the COP25 climate conference in Spain have now flown to Bogota, Columbia, to join a separate U.N. meeting. They will spend seven days helping to decide if Thai massage should be added to UNESCO’s heritage list of Intangible Cultural Heritage as the committee seeks to enshrine “cultural diversity” as a global necessity.

thai massage

‘Become a Football Star, It’s Your Only Chance’

In 1941, when Jack Kerouac boarded a bus for New Haven, the Columbia running back never stopped at the Yale Bowl. Shamed for arriving at training camp a day late and subsequently botching Columbia Coach Lou Little’s misdirection plays, Kerouac quit football in early fall. “As if I joined football for ‘deception,’ for God’s sake,” Kerouac wrote.

Jack Kerouac

New York: Top 50 Student-Athletes to Watch in 2015-16

Syracuse plays short-handed due to probation. The best St. John’s player quit because of the strictness of new coach Chris Mullin (pictured), and Donovan McNabb won the last football game between ranked teams when his Syracuse Orange defeated Army in 1996. There are 50 players to watch this season in New York, and they are spread over 18 colleges and several high schools in a state dominated by pro sports.