LinkedIn and MailChimp Join Social Media Purge of Infowars

Alex Jones, host of InfoWars.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn and MailChimp are the latest technology companies to ban Infowars from their services, following a left-wing media campaign which got InfoWars banned from Facebook, YouTube, Apple podcasts, and Spotify.

“We have removed the Infowars company page for violating our terms of service. We value the professional community on LinkedIn and strive to create a platform where the exchange of ideas by professionals can happen without harmful misinformation, bullying, harassment or hate,” declared LinkedIn in a statement. “We encourage our members to report any inappropriate content or behavior. We investigate and if it is in violation take action, which could include removing the content or suspending the account.”

In a tweet, Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson claims that the site never uploaded content to LinkedIn, and called the banning a “politically motivated, coordinated purge by Big Tech.”

In their own statement, MailChimp accused Infowars of spreading “hateful content.”

Following the trend of their peers in Silicon Valley, neither Linkedin nor MailChimp would provide specific examples of “hate speech,” “hateful content,” or terms of service violations.

Following a pressure campaign led by CNN, Infowars was banned from Facebook, Google’s YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts, and Pinterest.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets have also attempted to get InfoWars banned from Twitter and the Apple App Store, where InfoWars’ app overtook CNN following the purge.

On Monday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared Silicon Valley companies “must do more than take down one” conservative website.

“The survival of our democracy depends on it,” he proclaimed.

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