Evergreen Freshman Enrollment Down Almost 50 Percent to 350 Students

Evergreen State College
Bret Weinstein/Twitter

A blog post by an Evergreen State College professor reveals that the school is suffering from serious enrollment issues in the aftermath of the 2017 riots, with freshmen enrollment dropping nearly 50 percent.

Evergreen State College Biology Professor Mike Paros announced that his school would only enroll 350 students this fall, a number which was confirmed by an Evergreen administrative official. Attendance at Evergreen State College has sharply dropped off since the spring 2017 riots that surrounded Paros’ former colleague Bret Weinstein.

No campus protest in the last decade has caught the media’s attention quite like the spring 2017 protests at Evergreen State College. The saga, which centered around progressive biology Professor Bret Weinstein, involved student protesters roaming campus with baseball bats, an intentional disarming of campus police, and the university president being held hostage by students.

And what sparked this? Weinstein’s polite disapproval of an activism event that Bari Weiss of the New York Times called “a day of racial segregation.” In May 2017, Weinstein described the “Day of Absence” in a column for the Wall Street Journal:

Day of Absence is a tradition at Evergreen. In previous years students and faculty of color organized a day on which they met off campus—a symbolic act based on the Douglas Turner Ward play in which all the black residents of a Southern town fail to show up one morning. This year, however, the formula was reversed. “White students, staff and faculty will be invited to leave the campus for the day’s activities,” the student newspaper reported, adding that the decision was reached after people of color “voiced concern over feeling as if they are unwelcome on campus, following the 2016 election.”

Now, Evergreen State College is facing an almost 50 percent enrollment drop. Although the college is publicly funded for 4,200 students, the college currently enrolls only 2,800. And that number is dropping quickly. At its current enrollment rate, Evergreen could have as little as 1,400 students in a few short years.

Does this mean the end of Evergreen State College? Can the school continue to run with diminishing tuition dollars coming in each year? Breitbart News will continue to have the latest updates on this story.


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