University of Wisconsin Hosts Event Comparing Migrant Crisis to Nazi Era

New Migrant Caravan
G. Arjas/AFP/Getty

The University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted an event on Tuesday suggesting that Central American economic migrants are refugees, just as Jews were refugees “during the Nazi era.”

Tuesday’s event, entitled, “The Caravans, The Phenomenon That Changes The Face of Emigration,” attempted to make the argument that migrants trying to enter the United States from Central America are “refugees,” as the Jews were, “during the Nazi era.”

“Migrants who abandon Central America are not leaving the country, they are running away from the country, and their profile is different from the traditional migrant,” argues the event description.

“They are, in many cases, ‘refugees’ protected by international law, as were Jews during the Nazi era or Bosnians during the Balkan war,” added the description.

The event description goes on to claim that President Donald Trump’s Twitter account does not dissuade migrants from joining a caravan with the intent of entering the United States.

“More people join this phenomenon because migrants know that if Trump is paying attention to them, they would have some visibility and more opportunities.”

The explanation continues, stating that “caravans have changed the face of emigration,” adding that caravans have “become politicized and a symbol that humiliates and reminds the failure of the Central American governments.”

Among those failures, the description mentions “bad governments” that have perpetuated “corruption, and weak strategies to end the violence and poverty.”

The event was organized by the Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program, and will feature journalist Jacobo Garcia as its speaker.

While drawing comparisons between Central America’s economic crisis and the Jews’ experience during WWII is bizarre enough, the idea is completely out of sync with claims recently made by professors and Leftists in academia that the U.S. President is comparable to Adolf Hitler.

One would surmise that if they believe the President is comparable to Hitler, Leftists in control of academia would advise against immigrants, and anyone else, from entering the United States.

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